Complete Document Preparation Service
For A Low Fee Of Only $2,500


Selling real estate today has many ups and downs, but to have peace of mind at the close of the sale is priceless (or at least worth $2,500)!

You have found a buyer for your property, now what do you do? The answer is call us, Hunter Herget Real Estate. Your transaction will be handled by our agent, Therese, who has been licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate since 1974. We will help you with all the nuances of a real estate sale and get you happily on your way. When you and the buyer have agreed on the price and terms, we will take over. We will prepare a purchase agreement (using California Association of Realtor forms exclusively), detailing the terms, the responsibilities of each party, how the inspections will be handled and who pays for escrow, title fees and transfer taxes.

Many cities today have ordinances regarding sewer inspections, shutoff valves for gas meters, conservation issues, etc. We can assist you with the particular items pertinent to your property. We supply seller with all necessary disclosures and see that the buyer receives and acknowledges this information.

We open an escrow with a seasoned escrow officer. We follow-up with the buyer's lender and make sure they have all the necessary paperwork. We will see that the time frames are followed and that escrow receives all information regarding any existing liens on the property. We see that all the contingencies are removed in a timely manner and that buyer and seller arrange for their individual signing appointments.

We are licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate, we are fully insured for errors and omissions, and we are members of the California Association of Realtors.

We charge $2,500 (in most cases) for this service, and you can be assured that when escrow closes, you will move on with confidence.